Flying High

It was a great day for a stroll.
So I decided to walk to the ocean.

First I went through the Public Garden.
The duckies were walking on the Duck Pond.

Then I crossed the Common.
And got a nice view of the Snake House.

At Downtown Crossing, I picked up Summer Street.
Which takes you to South Boston, traditionally the Irish section of town.

When I hit the beach, I saw this guy in the drink.

It was in the mid-30s, a bit too chilly for me.

He must have been a member of the L Street Brownies.
Who always go for a swim on New Year’s.

Such a splendid day.

Ducks were having fun in the ocean too.

My goal was to reach Fort Independence.

Which, as its name suggests, is where we repulsed those tea-sipping British bastards.

The fort was originally called Castle William, as it was the bastion of the British forces during the Revolution.

Until General Washington forced the Brits to turn tail.

(I’m not saying they were sore losers or anything, but in 1814 they came back and set fire to Washington: the city, not the guy).

No hard feelings, though!
Just to show you that I am a forgiving man, the first trip I take in the New Year will be to Britain.

I will fly to London in April to give my dear friends a squeeze.
And to ramble once more in the beautiful English countryside.

To see these total QTs!

As I sat on the dock next to Fort Independence, I could see Logan Airport across the harbor.

And I thought of all the other totally groovy trips I will take this year.

When I get back from London, my sister will be in her new spring and summer home on Deer Isle.

In Camden Harbor, Maine.

One of the most beautiful spots in all of New England.
And that’s saying something.

Then I have a special mission to perform.
That requires me to go deep into the Deep South.

Finally, I will get to see my sister’s new winter pad.
On Lake Istokpoga in Florida.

For the Cugini Christmas festivities.

Which had to be cancelled last year.

Pleasures may be deferred. 
But they will never be denied.

I thought of all the joy that is yet to come.
And then I turned to head back to the city.

It will be a very exciting year.
People, get the hell on it!