Fenway Dream

I dreamed my crazy dream.

As I sat, quite alone, last year.
In the Guardian newsroom in London.


As I dreamed of what life in Boston would be.
This is the thing I dreamed, most of all:

Walking from my Lair.
In the Back Bay.

Over to Kenmore Square.
The stroll is only 25 minutes.

Buying a ticket at Fenway Park.

And walking into that beautiful place.


To watch my Sox.

That’s what I did last evening.
With lots of other fans.

Because you can’t High Five in 2D.

I got very excited.
As I have in the past.

Had a Fenway Frank. My Dad used to love them!

I went over to Fenway by myself this time.
To scout out the joint.

After all, I couldn’t very well ask my friends to come.

Until I made sure Fenway was ready for them.

Mission accomplished.


Then I walked back to the Lair.
Home again.

Jiggetty jig.

Oh, I almost forgot!