February Florida Fun

When I look for the inspiration.

To squeeze the juice out of life.

I look to my two London gal pals.
And fellow Brunonians.

Here she is last fall in Peru.

And Carmen. Around the same time.
In Morocco.

Last February Carmen asked me:
“Jim, I’ve got to get off this island!
Going to Miami for three weeks.
Come down and join me!”

And, not being a complete and utter idiot, I did.

We had bigtime fun.

This year my sister and brother-in-law have extended the February Florida Fun invitation.
So I jumped at the chance.

To party with them.
In Punta Gorda.

We are having as much fun.
As is humanly possible.

This is their backyard.
Very calming.

Here are the lovebirds!

Linda and Greg thought it was a bit chilly last night.
It got down into the 50s!

One month from today.
On the first day of spring.

I will be back in London.
To see my gal pals.

And ramp up the enjoyment.

Thank you, Alla and Carmen.

For making my life a whole lot more fun.