Exploring The Island

Meanwhile, up north, Linda and Greg are exploring their new hood.
On Deer Isle, Maine.

What is it that makes a great home?
A sweet location is very helpful.

And great views.
Here is a little vista improvement going on.

A little bird action is totally awesome!

And a private shoreline is nice.

Greg informs me that a clamming permit will cost only $15 a year.
Bring on the clambake, baby!

A venue with a sense of history adds a lot.

Plus a local place of worship? Very calming.

But it’s really the connection with family that matters most.

Greg was delighted to find his mother’s backyard.
In a place called Sunshine.

And there are some other relatives close by.

I look forward to exploring the island with Linda and Greg this summer.

Until then, we will continue our ongoing discussions.

And celebrations.

Cheers, People!

All these totally groovy photos are courtesy of Greg Hanson