Every Day Counts

You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough.
Mae West

Everyone gets the same 24.
Not a minute more. Not a minute less.

And 365 chances a year to rise and shine.
Or cower in the tub (without water, because that could get dangerous!)

It’s important to carpe all the diems, and not look past any of them.
They are all equally precious.

I hope you will pardon me, however, as I contemplate the upcoming week.
It is an important one for me and my family.

Which is really what this blog is all about.

First, I must celebrate my lovely ex-wife Nancy.
We got married 20 years ago this weekend.

She was the only person I knew when I moved to England.
And gave up my American life.

To her I owe all my wonderful worldly adventures.
Here we are, engaged in Lake District delights.

I figured that if I got married on the first day of spring, which was also my wife’s birthday, I would never forget our anniversary.

In that, at least, I was not wrong.

Happy Birthday, Nancy! And thank you. For everything!

The day after Nancy’s birthday is very special:
It’s my mother’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ma!

Note the groovy hats.

And the very same day is the birthday of my beautiful cousin.
Happy Birthday, Joanne!

Here she is with a St Rocco candle.
And her sweet sister Jeannie.

And just a few days after that, it’s the birthday of another beautiful cousin (and Major League Scoochamende).

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!

Here she is with her charming daughter Renate.
(And the Trevi Fountain.)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Today is still winter.

And Boston will get more of this tomorrow tonight.

Which will be every bit as fabulous as the magnolia blossoms that will fill the Back Bay next month.

I will carpe both for sure.
With equal joy.

Because every day counts.