Boys Will Be Boys

Mike, we missed you!

That’s Mike Krone on the left. Then yours truly, then Don DeAmicis, and, on the far right (next to our former Melrose High School teacher Freeman Frank), Mike Festa.

For decades we classmates have gotten together in New Hampshire for a weekend in the fall.

Of course, for many years I was across the pond, and thus unable to take part in our arcane New England rituals.

The two objectives of Boys’ Weekend: Bad golf.

And good company.

This year’s session was hosted by fellow MHS grad Bob Rotondi.
At his fabulous house on Bow Lake in the Granite State.

Mike displayed amazing adequacy in breakfast preparation.

Bobby showed exemplary hospitality.
And kicked our ass in golf.

That’s him on the right.

Consoling my golf partner Don.

There’s Big D trying to get back on the fairway.


Despite the pain we suffered, it was a wonderful fall day.

I always have fun with my male friends.
Here I am with Dave Mace at a recent Bruins game.

But the people who really inspire me?
My wildass women friends.

Who will soon get a blog post of their very own.

But for now, I am grateful to be back in New England.
With my high school buddies.

Even you, Fez!

Thanks for a great weekend, gentlemen.

Next year, be ready, Mr Krone.