Boston Uncommon

They would be appalled.

If the Puritans who founded Boston 400 years ago could come back.
And see what we have done to their City on a Hill?

They would not be amused.

Gay Pride Month?

Celebrated by a lesbian Governor?

What is this city coming to?

Boston Common was the first place known to be inhabited in the area.
And not by the white man.

Once we got rid of the indigenous people, it became the center of a thriving city.

Not much known for religious toleration.
They hanged Mary Dyer.

Because she was a Quaker. And refused to leave the Commonwealth.

Founded in 1630, Boston allowed cows to graze on the Common.
Until they were banned in 1830.

I am happy to report that, almost 200 years later, they are back.

I don’t know if these cows are actually gay.

But they sure look happy.

I am glad that I live in such a liberal place.

Not only because I want to see my gay friends thrive.
Rather than be burned at the stake.
Or ducked in a lake.

But also because my most eccentric behaviors (and their name is legion) will be tolerated.

If they are even noticed.

In such an uncommon place.

If Boston is an unusually progressive city.
That is a beautiful thing.

As beautiful as a pink cow.

On the Boston Common.