Boston Cool

It’s another scorcher in Beantown!
How best to beat the heat?

Hit the cool culture, Baby!

I first bopped down to the MFA.

Looking fine in the summer florals!

I checked out some new stuff.

I’d say she’s ready.

Pool party is very cool!

And then I saw some of the classics.

Looks like a nice day on the water.

This one, not so nice.

Calming stained glass.

And a cute puppy. While I cool my puppies.

From the Museum of Fine Arts it’s just a short skedaddle.
Over to the Gardner.

Past this cool dude.

Really enjoyed the new Titian exhibition.

Which confirms what a Wise Man once said:

“There’s a shape for every taste.”

“And a taste for every shape.”

He was probably an Italian.

No visit to Isabella’s pad is complete without a stroll in the Palazzo.

At this time of year, it is pure art.

On a hot Boston day, there is no place cooler.

Well, there might be one place.

I’m going over there now.
For a few chapters of Henry Esmond.

Cool. Way Cool.