Blue Hills Boot Camp

The Blue Hills were beautiful today.

I took a break from my May birding schedule to do some training with my friend Bobby.

It’s back to the warblers at Mount Auburn tomorrow, with my cousin Yvonne.
Whose wedding was 28 years ago today.

It was very gracious of her to include me in the festivities.

Why so glum? I always cry at weddings.
Plus, I was trying to remember the couplet to Sonnet 116.

But today was all about getting in shape.

As readers of this blog are well aware, Bob and I are planning to climb Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire with our high school buddy Sharon.

Bob recently had an operation on his knee, so we have been trying to work it back into shape.
Based on today’s performance, I would say he will be ready to rock by September.

I think this was my first hike in the Blue Hills Reservation, which stretches over 7,000 acres and comprises over 125 miles of trails.

Great Blue Hill is the highest peak on the East Coast south of the Great State of Maine.

It’s only 635 feet. But it was plenty high for us.

We took the Skyline Loop Trail, which is described as “challenging”.

It was a very good workout.

And there was plenty of sun. It was in the 70s!

It’s always great to reach the summit.

Check out this fab view of Beantown!

The best part of the hike? The pecan roll carbo-loading afterward.

Mission accomplished.

We will come back to the Blue Hills for lots more hiking this summer.

Look out, Sharon! We’re gunning for you!