Birthday Bash

Well, I made it back from London.

With some wonderful memories.

Some totally groovy toes.

And some sweet gifts from my bestie, Carmen.

Boston was looking mighty fine.

Now I am in Maine.
Training for Birthday Sunday.

This is a Colossal Double Whiskey Burger.
It didn’t last too long.

Hey, if you are going to be an American.
You must eat like an American.

I’m at Linda’s Lair in Oxford.
Where we will party for the next 10 days.

And it’s a beautiful Saturday morning.

Soon it will be time for the real Birthday Bash.
(It’s already Sunday in half the world, so I’m good to go!)

I’m here to tell you:
You can still enjoy a month of vacation.
Even if you are retired!

It does, of course, require some stamina.

Luckily, I still have that.

Time for a stroll in the Maine woods.

To prepare for Birthday Sunday.