Back Home In Maine

I visited my sister in Florida in February.
It was already in the 80s.

Which makes you very thirsty!

Linda said she would be staying at their place in Punta Gorda until Greg’s birthday: Cinco de Mayo.

But that was before the heat began to rise.
And the call of the wild beckoned.

Through the wonders of technology, they could see their special animal friends via the security camera at their home in Oxford, Maine.

Linda missed her deer!

Forget about May.
They got back to Maine on Easter Sunday (April 17).

And they are loving every minute of it.

Greg has been very busy with his special projects.

Look at this fabulous deck!

Raised flower beds for Linda’s plants.

A new lean-to shelter for the boat.

And check out Linda’s Sunroom! Where she can watch her deer, turkeys and all the other varmints.

The bird feeders draw in goldfinches, titmice, chickadees and hummingbirds.

So what if a bunch of marauding squirrels need to get their asses shot?
(We can’t show that here, because it’s a family blog!)

I must say that the pad is looking mighty fine!

Time for my brother-in-law to take a load off and have a beverage.
Or three!

The side porch is a great place to kick back.

Here’s wishing Linda and Greg lots of happiness back up north.

They plan on staying in Oxford for the rest of the year.
Which is just fine by me.

This year I will be very glad to spend the holidays in a cold and snowy place.
Proud New Englander that I am.