Back Bay Blooms

When does spring arrive in Boston?

The Vernal Equinox is way too early, since snow may still be on the ground.
Or burying your street.

Sighting the first warbler would be totally groovy in my book, but that usually happens in late April.

The pine warbler is often the first to arrive, and he has already been spotted at Drumlin Farm.

But I didn’t see him yesterday.

Still, I will be going to Mount Auburn Cemetery early tomorrow morning, just in case.

Patriots’ Day is also a good choice. April 18 marks the anniversary of this guy’s famous ride.

And on the next day (April 19, 1775) we gave those British bastards the business in Lexington and Concord.

To send a message forever after to the Royals:
Get bent.

This year Patriots’ Day will be celebrated on Monday, April 19.

With the traditional 11am Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Another option? The arrival of the Swan Boats in the Public Garden.
This year it’s scheduled for May 8.

But now that I am a Bostonian (and a most improper one at that),
I think the blooming of the magnolias is as good a sign as any.

So by that measure, spring may finally be here.

All these pics were taken this morning, within a block of the Marlborough Street Lair.

I understand it’s been a bit chilly in Englandland.
And their magnolia blossoms have long gone.

So I hope these photos will help perk up the Islanders.

I will put some text in here.

To break up the photos.

But you really don’t read the words.

Because these days, it’s all about the visuals.


OK, people: I’m calling it.

Spring is here!