April Cool!

My sister has finally had enough.

Of the heat. The humidity. And the hurricanes.

The gators. The pythons. And the frogs.

So today Linda and Greg are leaving Florida forever.
And driving to their new home in the Great State of Maine.
With Angel Girl.

I will, of course, be delighted to welcome my sister back to New England.

And to help her forget all her Florida traumas.

Looks like rain!

And welcome her to God’s Country.

To get her enthused about the project, here are some fun weather facts.
For her new home in Deer Isle, Maine.

Boston gets 32 inches of snow per year.
Deer Isle gets 64 inches. 

That’s double the fun, Baby!

When the snow disappears from Boston Common.

You know where I’ll be headed!

On Deer Isle, January’s average temperature is 6 degrees.
But the average climbs to 37 by April 1.

And by the end of the month, it zooms up to 46.

Thank God Linda can kiss those 90-degree days goodbye!

I am looking forward to fishing with Greg once again.

We will say goodbye to the old spots.

And the old outfits.

Luckily, I have the perfect new outfit!

Here is one of Greg’s favorite Maine fishing holes.

OK, who brought the ax?

The Red Sox Home Opener is scheduled for today across town at Fenway Park.

Mainers are big Sox fans. So my sister won’t have to root for any of those silly Tampa Bay teams.

Can’t wait to watch a game with Linda at her new place!

My sister will get to Deer Isle on Sunday.

And I know exactly what she will be feeling when she gets there:
April Cool!