Antonio J

My Uncle Tony died today.
Exactly one week short of his 95th birthday.

Antonio J Pisaturo.
He was the last in the family of my parents’ generation.
And he was a real character.

He came from a very traditional Italian family.

As you can see, he was much more light-hearted than my grandfather.
And children often have to struggle to find space to be themselves.

He was definitely his own person.

With a great sense of style.

Here he is, drinking my father’s anisette.

His son Joe and grandson Joe will miss him terribly.

As will his daughters Joanne and Jeannie.

And Joanne’s sons, Jon and Mike.

Who makes a fabulous calamari salad!

I’m glad I got to see Uncle Tony since my return to Boston.
Grazie mille, zio mio!

Farewell, Antonio J.
Please say Hi to Ma.