An Average Day

Choose the least important day in your life. It will be important enough. 
Our Town

Today I did what I do almost every day: Take a walk in the Public Garden, just a block and a half from the Lair.

Nothing exceptional, except for the different perspectives it provides.
On life, and the way we choose to live it.

I have lived in Boston long enough to see the Garden in its many guises.

Like the many faces of Edward Everett Hale.
The great orator who stands near the Charles Street entrance to the Garden, where you can cross over to the Boston Common.

Whenever I see the one, I always remember the other.

There are also some special spots in the Garden that remind me of other places I have seen.

For example, look at this angel near the Garden’s northwest corner, at the intersection of Beacon and Arlington streets.
If you have driven into Boston via Storrow Drive, I am sure you have passed this statue many times.

But I bet you have never noticed it.

Because you were looking for a parking space.

The statue is part of a memorial to George Robert White, the great Boston philanthropist (who will get a blog post of his own).

Whenever I see White’s angel, I imagine some others I saw a few years ago.
In the cemetery in Buenos Aires called La Recoleta (The Remembered).

Proclaiming heavenly majesty. In the heart of the city.

In my visits to the Public Garden, I have also been checking out the different benches, to try to see which is my fave.

This is the one I initially picked, when I first blogged about the Garden.

But it is not always available.

It was today.

There are so many benches to choose from!
Each with its own special view.

As well as special memories. And reveries.

Clearly, this problem requires more research!

Every day is just an average day.
If that is how you choose to see it.

But just be aware:
If you wait for a special day.

You just might miss it.