All Summer Long

When you hear that xylophone.
It’s time to get your ass in gear.

It’s the longest day of the year, people!
Live it like you mean it.

Last year I took a lovely ramble by the Thames.

And, as usual, walked myself silly.

This year I am back in the Motherland.
And it’s gonna be a hot one in Beantown.

They will be cooking down by the Charles.

I will be cooling off at the Athenaeum once it gets too hot.

When I joined up last fall, I never thought of this benefit!

Later on I will share a cocktail with Carmen, my London bestie.

To get ready for a Summer of Fun.

In Maine.


And London.

God give me strength!

Hope you are preparing yourself as well.
Just listen to what the man says:

”Won’t be long til summertime is through.”

Get on it.