Adjusting The Thermostat

When you’re hot, you’re hot; when you’re not, you’re not.
A Philosopher

Since I do a lot of walking, I have some fun walking stories.
Here is one of my favorites.

A few years back, I finally got to see the Pyramids.

Very impressive indeed. I urge you all to check them out.

All around the Great Pyramid, the camel guys were harassing the tourists to rent one of their beasts.
One guy was particularly persistent, and kept asking me if I wanted a ride.

But I had something different in mind.
I wanted to get all three pyramids in one photo.
And I didn’t want to try it from the back of a camel.

So I began to walk out into the desert.

And walk.

And walk.

Until I got the right shot.

When I got back to the Great Pyramid, I saw the Camel Guy.
He was pissed. And said: “You walk too much!”
Which was very nice.

Was it hot out there walking around in the desert? 
You bet your sweet ass!

But I was able to regulate my thermostat in two ways.
First, my groovy pink Sox hat.

And second, by thinking how cold it was going to be.
Once I got back to a place where it snows.

I thought of my Giza desert walk today as I went out to take some photos after the latest Boston snowfall.

Not only was it cold out there, but it is supposed to get much colder over the next few days.

It is highly entertaining to listen to the weather forecasts describing this kind of cold in apocalyptic terms.

It’s the end of January, for Christ sake!

For me, memory is a personal thermostat.
Which takes me from hot to cold, and cold to hot.

When I next go out into that bitter blast.

I will get all warm inside.
Thinking of my hot desert stroll.