Across The Pond

On Saturday a Romanian athlete shocked the world.

No, not that one.
This one.

Sure, she’s a brilliant scholar.

A fabulous friend. Check out this view!

And the perfect hostess.

But on Saturday Carmen took part in her first triathlon.
And dominated her environment.

In the most idyllic of settings.
In Oxfordshire.

Blenheim Palace is the historic seat of the Dukes of Marlborough.

In Thackeray’s Henry Esmond (which I am currently in the process of reading during my visits to the second floor of the Athenaeum), the title character has just fought in a great battle.

At Blenheim in Germany. In 1704.
Under the victorious command of the first Duke of Marlborough.

Construction of the palace began in 1705.

Perhaps Blenheim’s most famous resident?
This guy.

He was born there.

On Saturday Carmen and I had a pregame cooldown in the Rose Garden.

I have missed the English roses.

And then it was Domination Time.

This was the lovely swimming venue.

Which she eventually mastered.

As coach, I tried to provide moral support.

It was a perfect Saturday.

To begin my trip across the pond.

Well done, Carmen!