A Tight Squeeze

How to fit it all in? That’s the challenge.

A whole summer of fun.

In such a small span of time.

So I went out to one of my favorite spots yesterday.

To try to map out a mental route.

Even on the longest day of the year, it will be hard to complete all my tasks.
That was the puzzle I was trying to solve yesterday.

This is one of the puzzles that my chess kids at the Malden Public Library will try to solve today.

(White mates in three.)

After I have lunch with Cousin Ellen.

She’s the one with her happy mouth open.
Now reunited with her sister Darlene (next to me) in Florida.
Linda (on the end) and I will have our birthdays right after this Summer Madness is over.

Am I making progress?

Then there is the drawing.
Another class with Lucinda.

Which will help me finish this sketch of a yakshi, a Buddhist fertility goddess.

At Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Which reminds me: Book flight to London.
To pay proper homage to Her Majesty.

While we are on the subject of royalty,
Let me introduce you to Princess Bella Rose.

You gotta love my sister.
She can turn this.

Into this.

I must go up to Maine and pay my respects.

Now where was I?

Where am I?

Who am I?

Oh, yes:
If I ever do become a Buddhist?

Maybe my bodhisattva will bring me back.
As a pet in my sister’s house.

Well, that’s what I’m looking at this summer.

Like I said: A very tight fit.
I will do the best I can.

Before I reach the end.