A Sergio Franchi Fan

My cousin Yvonne grew up north of Boston.
Just around the corner from me in Melrose.

And went to Boston University.

Now she lives about 15 miles north of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

But today was her first visit there.

It was very calming.

I wanted to introduce her to the Wonderful World of Warblers.

She was very excited.

As you can well imagine.

I let her have the Nikons.

While I used my old pair of Sears 8x40s.

Which I got as a birthday present in 1968.
From a guy named Sergio Franchi.

My mother was the president of the Sergio Franchi International Fan Club.

I am not making this up!

He had a fabulous tenor voice, and was even in a 1969 movie called the Secret of Santa Vittoria.

He certainly looks Italian.

And had a movie romance with the quite hot Virna Lisi.

How do I know this? Because photo posters from the movie were placed all over our home on Converse Lane when we were growing up.

Down in the Family Room.

(Here I am in my favorite chair, strapping on some pepperoni.)

Before the big love scene

Sergio broke his finger.
When he caught it in Virna Lisi’s dress.

I am not making this up!

Italian? I have my doubts.

But, hey, thanks for the binoculars, Sergio!
They are the only thing I have taken on all of my travels.

Other than me.

Now back to Mount Auburn!

I was very impressed with Yvonne’s birding skills.

She was able to spot the very cute solitary vireo.

A gorgeous Baltimore oriole.

And a screech owl emerging from his nap.

Of course, she grooved on the yellow-rumped warblers.

And her faves, the black-and-white.

It was such a fabulous day.

And we did some great bonding over the birdies.
They are still out there!

Ready to be discovered.

I think my cousin may be addicted to Warblermania.

Here’s the good news, Yvonne:
There is no known cure.