A Moment of Calm

I am in the midst of a Fun Explosion.
And need to calm the hell down.

What sort of excitement, you ask?

Well, on Tuesday I played my first chess tournament with real people since February 2020.

Quite thrilling, you will admit. Details to follow.

The Athenaeum will soon be having a live event.
So I can finally meet my fellow Athenaians.

And put names to actual uncensored faces.

And the Boston Public Library is now open.
I must get my card!

Two libraries. Within walking distance.
I am rich beyond compare.

On Sunday I continue Monadnock Training with my friend Bob.

At a place called Dogtown.

And on Monday (Sweet Jesus Palomino!) it’s the Bruins.
Stanley Cup playoff action.

At the Boston Garden.

With Superfan Dave Mace.

So how do I keep the top of my head from blowing clean off?

Ah, that’s where Nature takes over.
Call it Broadmoor Revisited.

I first checked out this Audubon Sanctuary around Thanksgiving.

Here was the same scene yesterday.

Such a lush green.

And the sun-dappled trails

Were very inviting.

The recent spring rains

Have done their good work.

This is the Charles River.

Believe it or not.

I had the whole place to myself.

Well, except for my little buddy.

I tried to bank up some Zen.

For the Thrillorama that is my life.

Because a moment of calm.

Is just a memory away.