A Happy Anniversary

We are smack in the middle of that most happy month.

And more birthdays yet to come!

On September 15 of last year, I flew from London to Boston.
To begin my new life in New England.

The florid excesses of which are profusely illustrated in this blog.


So today I am celebrating one year in the Evil Empire.

But on September 15, 2021, I am also celebrating a joyous reunion. With my totally groovy London friends!

This time I had to walk over Tower Bridge.

And got a great view of the Tower.

This skyscraper is called the Shard.

Then I went up to Shoreditch for lunch.

With the lovely Rebecca.

We had a fabulous pedi.
She always knows how to pick my color!

After all the walking, my feet are finally happy.

It’s always good to spend quality time with a Gal Pal.

Then it was time to get over to the Guardian.
For drinks with my former colleagues.

Via the Regent’s Canal.


Finally, the Grauniad!

And journalists. Doing what journos do best.
Drinking like fish!

At least I lived to tell.